Graphic Novel Review: Amanda Retchless

undefinedThe comic book that I have read was the Archie and Me comics. I read this because I really liked the bright art style and the humor in each of the comics. In the comic that I read, it was full of smaller short stories. Each one of the short stories contained at least Archie or one of his friends, mostly Jughead, as one of the main characters. They were short skits of humor, one of them was about how Jughead went around the town and ate everyone’s food. There was another story on how Jughead and Archie were trying to make it on a TV show by going around making weird and strange noises and how Veronica thought it was silly of them to make those noises. Then Veronica was about to get robbed, but Archie and Jughead scared the robber off with their fake cop noises. I think that Kennedy Smith chose to make the comics so bright and cartoon-like because the comics themselves are bright, light, and funny. The art style suits the stories and the characters personalities. I really liked this comic because it was different. This comic wasn’t one of those super popular and serious superhero comics, it was more uplifting and relatable. This scene that is pictured below was probably one of my more favored and relatable stories. This is about Jughead going around the town eating everyone’s food before he is even seen. Eventually, he hits all of the main characters’ houses, so they all go around to look for him. They found him in the end, but then Jughead “apologizes” by giving his friends tickets to a show that they missed the year before. He gives them the tickets and they notice it was to the right show, but to the show the year before. Before the group could confront Jughead, he was already gone eating someone else’s food. 

This is a scene from “Jughead ‘Never Too Late'” in he Archie and Me comics by Kennedy Smith.
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