Graphic Novel Review: Anthony Sanchez

For my graphic novel review, I decide to read “Sweet Tooth: Book One by Jeff Lemire. The story of “Sweet Tooth” takes place in the future where there’s an affection that killed millions of people. And that the only children being born were a human-animal hybrid. That’s were our main character Gus is brought in. Since Gus is this hybrid, he’s in danger by the potential of hunters trying to kill him and he tries to escape to safety with a man named Jeppered. With this novel I believe the author wanted to capture this dark/glory feel to the story. But he supported this by showing dark colors and bold texts in the story, which captured the feel of the story as so. But with each scene the author displayed violent glory actions as shown below.

Sweet Tooth Page 47, Jeff Lemire

What I like about the novel was that the author wrote this story out to show the hardships of Gus but while using color, scene to scene and different visuals such as interaction text, it made you get into the novel more then you’d expect. But even after this assignment it makes me look into how authors compose there stories to show some kind of meaning.

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