Graphic Novel Review: Diana Alonso

“Monster” Adapted by Guy A. Sims

The comic graphic novel I decided to read for the semester is called “Monster” adapted by Guy A. Sims, and illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile. I decided to chose this grapgic novel because the comic seemed a little different than most of the comics that I have been recently introduced too. Most comic novels I have seen either include some sort of information that is related to comics, random topics, or heroes (Batman or Spider-man). In this novel, I think that the topic is pointed more towards my interests, like causes of racism, other cultures, white privilege, injustice, and drama all combined. As I was reading this comic, it felt as I was watching a movie, and it had me hooked most of the time I was reading the book.

The book is about a black 16-year-old boy called Steve Harmon that is being on trial for murder. His lawyer, Kathy O’Brien (A white female), has been trying to prove that Steve was not the one who killed the citizen killed in a robbery. The other side of the court is trying to prove how there are decent hardworking citizens in the community, but also “monsters” that are willing to steal and kill. At the end, Steve was found not guilty after they found out who really killed the guy, and at the end of the comic, it showed how it was just a film created by Steve, to show his father who he really is and mentions how he records moments in his life to prove to his father who he really is, as well as telling himself.

In this image, it expresses a few set of emotions on both facial expressions and words. First, it shows how frustrated and scared Steve looks, which shows us how emotion is being portrayed through an image. Another thing represented in this image is the type of lines used, which are the dynamic but friendly, which are also shown throughout the whole book. Lastly we also see how the word “murder” is displayed to be felt or seen as scary and sort of looking like fire to give us a feeling of how serious this topic is.

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