Weekly Blog, Living In Line: Amanda Retchless

In this weekly comic, I hope to convey the emotion and invisible sense of creativity. There are two people and those two people are seeing the world differently. One person is all bright and colorful and can see a lot more. The other person is more dull and can only see things as they are, such as a tree as only a tree. I chose creativity because when I feel it it hits me like a wall. When I feel creativity I feel a burst of energy and self confidence. The tools I used were paper, pencil, marker, and color pens. The specific nature of these tools affect my image because I am limited to my own abilities. I can imagine something in my head, but then I can’t really transfer it to paper without it looking like a five year old drew it. I think that I was able to express the invisible sense and emotion better when I drew this comic by hand. I say this because I was able to do what I wanted. I wasn’t limited by some program, I was able to make all the shapes that I wanted and I also think it means more to me when I do something like this by hand rather than on a screen. Some other things that I learned about my tools is that sometimes I get the effect I want and sometimes I don’t. I was trying to make the two people the same, but mirrored, but because I drew this by hand and not on a program it was hard for me to copy what I was doing onto the other side of the paper. So they did not turn out the same, at all. I also learned that depending on the tool I use I will get a different outcome. For example, when I use a dull pencil compared to a sharpened one. The dull pencil had a thicker line and had a more balanced look to it. The sharpened pencil had a thinner line and was more precise, but it smeared a lot easier and I broke the lead a lot. 

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