Living in Line: Ruby Hopkins

The images I chose to draw in my comic were simple, I simply did the relationship between two waves, one with lightning and all stormy, and the other just a simple line. This relationship between chaos and calm can be so drastic yet so simple to convey. I hoped, at least, that my two drawings showed this relationship well, and those who look at my work can pick up on this relationship easily. I wanted to make my comic extremely simple because Scott McCloud explained how even just the texture of a line can cause an emotion, so I took this to heart and created two simple images, but with very different drawing techniques and textures. My drawing technique was simple, I used a led pencil to sketch out my two images and placed them side by side, I then added more lines and texture to my chaotic side of the comic to add more to the image, making it appear almost messy, while the other side was a simple line with no other context. Being able to use a pencil and draw my work allowed me to use different strokes, whether it be darker or lighter, I could add depth with it and layer texture on top to create a cleaner or more chaotic look to it. I noticed that creating a more suspenseful and chaotic look to my comic was much easier to do using a pencil as it was a bit messier looking and had a less clean of a finish. While I imagine using a digital tool to create a comic would make for a much more clean appearance. My closure between my panels in my comic is simple, “The calm after the storm”. This simple message can be clearly shown with a few simple stroked of pencil on a piece of paper. 

Calm After the Storm by Ruby Hopkins
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