Living In Line: Dean Janikowski

“Melting Sun” by Dean Janikowski

In “Chapter 5: Living in Line” from “Understanding Comics”, Scott McCloud I learned a lot about the different feels and vibes you can get just from a line. I made sure to do a comic that presented a very anxious or stressed image versus an image that is very cool calm and relaxing. So for my blog entry I decided to draw the sun and the moon. With this drawing I hoped people to convey the sun as this sad and stressed out person and made the moon look like this calm and relaxed person. The sun is shown sweating viscously and in deep distress. As for the moon they are very calm and relaxed as shown through the simple lines and facial expression. The techniques I used for this drawing was deep lines that showed shading and made things look hectic especially on the sun. The sun has sweat running down its face with lots of heat coming from its surface that has a lot of texture to it as well as the background. The type of closure occurring between the panels is just a simple blank canvas just as the galaxy would be where the sun and moon lies. I would say time is not used in this as there is nothing that shows time besides the fact that the sun is melting and you could perceive the sun is melting just like the polar ice caps due to global warming. With this section I enjoyed being able to take a deeper look at lines and see what they really do in comics. Scott Mcloud does a really good job at showing that through his comics which gave me my inspiration to do such a thing. Never would I have thought that lines can give of a emotion.

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