Weekly Blog: Living in Line: Sabrina Hoenes

A Ghost! by Sabrina Hoenes

For my comic I just wanted to tell short and somewhat comedic story. In my comic it is about a ghost who wakes up at 3:00 A.M. ( known as the witching hour). The ghost goes to start his night but stubbles across a being unlike him. The ghost and the being startle each other, causing the ghost to flee in fear, while the being is frozen with fear.

In my comic the silent emotions that I wanted to portray are: sleepiness, joy, shock/surprise, and fear. The tools that I used was Adobe Illustrator, this tool allowed me to effectively create thick and thin lines. I think the stringiest example of my use of thing and thick lines is my fifth panel. By using a thick line for the border and using a thin line for the characters, I think I was successfully able to convey their shock of seeing each other. I also think that using thick lines for my characters and foreground and thin lines for my background made my comic look a lot more polished. This tool also allowed me to edit and undo any mistakes I made with ease. I am however still struggling and getting used to the program, so I was having some frustrations and had to keep referring back to the tutorials. The other tool I used was drawing paper to sketch out my storyline. Using drawing materials allowed me to think more creatively and effectively.

I think using these tools together made the whole process easier in the long run, especially when it came to using Adobe Illustrator. I was able to scan in my initial sketch and then use Adobe Illustrator to digitize my work, giving me an easy creative process and I think this eased a little of my initial struggle with the program. I for sure know that I will continue this process for the upcoming comics.

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