Northwest Alternative Comic: Amanda Retchless

When we went to the Museum on Tuesday, we looked at a few different works of comics. I found one that was really interesting and caught my eye. That comic being “Unidentified Feeling Object”, by Mita Mahato. The comic was very short, but I think that it was really sweet and cute. The comic was about this UFO that had found a heart. In the short comic the heart is being dragged behind the UFO. In each frame the line connecting the UFO and the heart got thinner and eventually broke. The heart then went off falling. In the image, the heart is shown falling down from frame to frame. This is done using motion lines and it does a really cool effect where the images are not being limited to the panels and the frames. This comic shows shape and direction. I say this because of the way the heart was falling. The heart wasn’t only falling in the story, but it was also falling through the panels. I thought this was super cute and creative. Some principles that I think were used was contrast, balance and harmony. Contrast because the heart stands out compared to the dark sky or background that was being used for the duration of the comic. Balance because of this particular page. The sky and the forest seem to share the page. What I mean by this is that the forest seems to take up about half of the page whereas the sky seems to take up the other half. I also think that contrast can be in play here because of the light colored trees compared to the dark sky. As well as the white stars in the sky. Lastly, I think harmony. Harmony because it seems that the color palette that was chosen doesn’t seem to harsh from each other. The color tones all soft and purple. This was meant to be a soft comic that is deep, and that was able to tell a story without words.

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