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Graphic Novel Review: Maria Alvarez

I decided to read the book MoonCop by Tom Gauld for this assignment. The book is about a cop on the moon but he is super lonely. People are slowly leaving the moon to go back to earth. He requests to … Continue reading

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Final poster Comic: Maria Alvarez

My creative plan for this comic was to make a comic about two bears who live in the same wooded area. My comic challenges the readers left to right because the boxes, as you can see, are not all the … Continue reading

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Individual Voices: Maria Alvarez

This comic was one of the first ones I read and it made me laugh. It is by Tom Van Deusen, made in 2016, and he is from Seattle, Wa. I like his work because he draws comics about pricing … Continue reading

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Invisible Emotion: Maria Alvarez

Living in line by Scott McCloud taught me how to look at lines and see what they can mean. For this example, I chose to evaluate a page of Crazy Men Deluxe which shows the harshness of some lines. For this … Continue reading

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Closure and Time Frames: Maria Alvarez

I decided to read the book “MoonCop” by Tom Gauld because I was really attracted to the basic colors and the simplisity of this comic. I find that overactive comics sometimes are overwhelming and they can be hard to read … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comics Collage: Maria Alvarez

This collage fits into Scott McClouds definition of comics because I tried to make it kind of aesthetically pleasing to the eye with the pops of color and the colorful backround. When it came to the readings of Design, I … Continue reading

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Design Elements and Principles: Maria Alvarez

There are a bunch of design principles that McCloud uses for his comics but there is two pages that I thought were very interesting. I like the lines that are being used in the bottom left corner, it shows movement, … Continue reading

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Physical To Virtual: Maria Alvarez

I brought to the CDSC a skyline of a city from a newspaper and my pencil bag to scan. Now that I have had the chance to scan a few items, I want to scan more paper materials and newspaper … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Maria Alvarez

Making a comic digitally and making one by hand has been such a challenge for someone who doesn’t know much about adobe photoshop. The hand drawn comic was faster to make because I had the freedom to erase and add whatever I … Continue reading

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