Invisible Emotion: Maria Alvarez

“Crazy Men Deluxe” 1985
Line Quality

Living in line by Scott McCloud taught me how to look at lines and see what they can mean. For this example, I chose to evaluate a page of Crazy Men Deluxe which shows the harshness of some lines. For this example, the lines are bold which can be interpreted as anger. The lines are not soft and convey some sort of anxiety because you don’t know where they are going or where they are going to end. The line quality is also very sharp and has purpose. If these lines were softer and less bold, I don’t think the image would be portraid as crazy as the author wanted it to be. Due to the boldness of the lines, I can tell that the author wanted this image to convey some sort of anxiety to the readers.

“El Mundo” August 30, 1896

For the interdependent example, I chose to examine a comic in the book El Mundo (the world) which shows the creation of man/humans. In this example, the words can be miracles in the sense that when I first looked at this comic (without reading the story), I saw god creating humans on top of a bicycle. But after more reading, I understood that he created people because he created bicycles first and he wanted someone to ride them. There was more context than I thought there was. This is a perfect example of Duo-Specific. Both the words and pictures show and convey the same message about this comic. Both the picture and words show how god gets bored and he decides to make a bike, then he starts off with the legs, then the arms, then the rest of the body, then a head, and the final result is a human. The words say the same thing.

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