Invisible Emotion: Tom McLean

Image from “Trinity” – Infocom 1986

The first image to the right is my example of good use of line quality to convey emotion from the reader. To be more specific about where the good use is in the image is at the bottom right of the page. The illustration casts a shadow on the man giving the statement “We must be the first!”. The use of the shadow behind him gives off a serious tone to the reader and shows that the situation that the characters are currently in is a serious one. To me, the emotion that I felt from this was one that wanted me to feel a sense of urgency. This comic was about World War 2 and the construction of the first atomic bomb used by the United States. With this information, it became clear to me that the emotion of the comic was one that was a serious one.

Bat/Catman Comic

The next comic is my example of good use of interdependent. To be more specific, looking at the top of the comic shows that the entire first 1/2 of the page is dedicated to just one action taking place in the frames. The sound effects roll over frames and these words are needed in order to let the reader know what is going on. Without the words being used as sound effects, the reader would not know what they would be looking at. The use of these words gives the page a sense of action and how fast the object is coming towards Robin in the comic. When the combination of the words and the pictures comes together, it creates a sense of tone and structure when the reader is going form frame to frame. It lets the reader know that they should read the next frames faster than normal.

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