Closure and Time Frames: Maria Alvarez

I decided to read the book “MoonCop” by Tom Gauld because I was really attracted to the basic colors and the simplisity of this comic. I find that overactive comics sometimes are overwhelming and they can be hard to read at times. This graphic novel is straight to the point and funny. I am only a few pages in and I am really enjoying it so far. This comic is about a cop on the moon who tries to fight crime but there is non for a long time since its the moon.

Time Frame

When it comes to time frames, I flipped through almost all the book to be able to find a good example of a time frame. This example of time frame is the  cop looking through his crime data base to look for any crimes. In these frames, you see him sitting, then looking straight into his computer, then typing, then looking again, then typing one more time. This is an example of time frame because at the end, we dont know what he was typing after that last clip. The last clip could be interpreted in many ways.


Closure was something I was a bit confused about but I think I might understand it a bit better now. For this example, I chose a frame of the cop getting home from work, sitting down on his bed, laying on his bed with his eyes open looking and looking at earth, and then shutting his eyes for bed. This is an example of closure beceause we know exactly whats going on. We know that he is going to bed or sleep because he is laying down on a bed and he shuts his eye. The reader does not need to decifer this clip. Overall, I am exicted to keep reading this novel to see what this cop gets himself into.

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