Physical To Virtual: Maria Alvarez

“skyline” from evergreen newspaper

I brought to the CDSC a skyline of a city from a newspaper and my pencil bag to scan. Now that I have had the chance to scan a few items, I want to scan more paper materials and newspaper materials for my assingment. I already scanned some items for my project and it was very inspiring to look at all the art and imagine what I can do with it. I have a few words and drawings I want to digitize. I want to use these items because all the pieces I have collected are so different from one another, they dont all go in the same “theme” and are super random. I love art that is meaningful but random at the same time, it makes people think a little more about the art that is being presented infront of them. I plan on using the skyline as a backround to my art. I want to put cutouts on top of it, only on the left hand side. After I organize my art, I want to put notebook paper on the bottom right and write on it to tell a story. Finally, I scanned my pencil bag.

My Pencil Bag by Estee Lauder

For my pencil bag, I want to use some of the small drawings as opposed to the whole bag. The drawings are super interesting and not basic so it will add the collage pops of color or randomness. I am also thinking about digitizing jewelry, because it adds such a real effect to the collage, because most of my materials are newspapers and paper materials. I want to keep this collages oraginized yet messy at the same time, I will be looking at more scanned art to get more inspiration for my assingment.

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