Physical to Virtual Sydney Seay

For our first day scanning at the CDSC I brought a scrunchie that had one of my favorite patterns on it, along with a metallic palm tree notebook and a floral t-shirt. I decided I did not want to digitize anything that I brought that day to the CDSC for my collage because they were great background images, but after deciding the message of my collage I did not feel like they fit. After learning about resolution and scanning, I began to think of all the cool things I could scan and add to my collage. I wanted to incorporate patterns and fabric especially in this comic because we are using Photoshop and it is made for these types of images. I am sticking with the theme of a collage about me, similarly to the hand-drawn and digital comics we already produced.

This is one of my WSU Cougar tank tops that I purchased from The Bookie on campus.

I scanned this tank top because it has one of my favorite simple designs on it of any of my Coug gear. I wanted to capture the material of the shirt and the streaks and discoloration it has in the image. Within the WSU Logo and the lettering on the shirt, it captures the idea that it is lettering on a shirt and not just made on a computer. I chose to scan this instead of recreating it on the computer or take a picture because of the effect laying cloth on the flatbed scanner has also. I can also use the plain red fabric in other parts of my collage as a background if I so choose to because of its cool texture. For these reasons, I scanned it at a 1200 PPI because I wanted to be able to manipulate it in Photoshop as needed. I wanted to have the option to use very tiny sections of it, or to use a larger chunk and delete pixels if I needed to.

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