Print Versus Digital Comic: Isaiah Wilkerson

Although the two types of comic strips are very similar, out of the two, I prefer doing print comic strips because I feel limited whenever I make comics on my PC due to not having the correct resources I need to make them how I truly want them to look like. I

Print comic of a conversation with my brother; a typical day at my house. (Photo by Isaiah Wilkerson, September 2019)

have all the freedom I want whenever I can draw on paper with pencil. In my art, I can easily use something like symbolic expression like I used in my print comic. I could also use long-shot panels if I really wanted to really get in detail of my surroundings and show my audience my art skills. I listen to my music whenever I draw and it really inspires me to start drawing what I feel. Whenever I draw, whether it’s for a grade or not, it never feels like “work” because of how much I enjoy drawing. I start my drawings very light so I can erase easily whenever I make a mistake. Sometimes, I make so many that I feel like giving up. So I take a break and start from scratch. Once I feel like my drawing came out good, then I start outlining my work and add more detail to it such as shading. This causes my only draw back about drawing rather than using technology: it takes a long time to finish. It doesn’t help that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my art, so it takes way longer than most because of how good I want my art to come out.


Now with my digital comic, I am kind of uncertain about the whole process of making this. As I’ve said before, I do not have the resources to create the comic strip that I wanted to make and because of this, I find this being more difficult than my print comic.

Digital comic of a description of my print comic’s storyline. (Designed by Isaiah Wilkerson, September 2019)

I completed my digital comic on Word Document, so I had little editing tools to make my comic as creative as my print comic. All I could do is copy and paste certain images that matched up with what my comic was describing. If I were to do this on Photoshop, due to the fact that I do not have on on my personal computer, I believed I could’ve created a more creative piece of work for my digital comic. The only good thing about this comic was that it didn’t take long for me to finish it.

With that being said, I also prefer to read a comic digitally rather than paper and pencil because it’s more clean and easier to read digitally while the print comic is very rough and super noticeable with the erase marks and the line marks when filling in something with either color or regular pencil. After reading chapter 1, I didn’t really have any new ideas for my digital comic but I did use symbolic expressions for my print copy to show my audience the tone of my comic strip.

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