Print Versus Digital Comic: Erika Epperson

The first one that I created was handwritten and for the digital comic I used photoshop. The pro about the handwritten comic is that you have the freedom to do whatever you want. I personally felt as though it was easier to think outside the box. In photoshop it was harder to figure out the the tools at first and I feel as though if you don’t know all the tool work it can feel like your work is limited. The con about handwritten comics was the spacing of it. It was hard to space it evenly or the way that I wanted to. When it came to spacing, doing it digitally was easier in that aspect. Another pro with digital comic was the fact that it made it easier to perfect circles because there were on photoshop that allowed me to do so.

From reading Scott McClouds, “Understanding Comics”, it helped me realize that comics are not just a story like a book. Understanding the meaning of what a comic is made me think more creatively, visually and also have a better understanding of juxtaposition in comics and making sure that the order makes sense.

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