Physical to Virtual: Helena Matheson


A scan of my cheetah print skirt that my mom picked out for me!

I am really excited for the freedom we get in this project. I think the concept of bringing physical items you would never think of digitally leaves lots of space for creativity, and I think there are a lot of different directions I could take my project in.

I brought in three items on our first day of scanning. I brought in a cheetah print skirt that my mom picked out for me, a birthday card that my family all signed for my 21st, and then little rose quartz stones that my aunt gave to me. I brought in items that connect me to my family and everything that they have done for me. I think I want to bring in more written things, such as cards or messages. I also want to bring in more things that my family has given me that hold a special meaning to me. I also want to go through some magazines and see if there is anything that sticks out to me with cool patterns or is visually appealing.

Scanning itself wasn’t too hard for me, but my quartz stones have to be photographed and not scanned, so that added an extra challenge. I hope that my camera quality is good enough.

I want my final collage to look cohesive but not uniform. I want it to look pink and girly, but also bring in edgy elements. I think that I need to look through all of my items together once they are scanned and then be able to properly arrange them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to me. I am working really hard on finishing the Photoshop tutorials so that I can utilize all the tools and skills on this project and it can reflect all the hard work that I have put in.


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