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Final Web Comic: Helena Matheson

I really like how my final project has turned out. I think that it being on a website with scrolling made it very interactive and made it seem like she was actually falling. I also thought using a cloud background … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel Review – Helena Matheson

The book I read this month was Maus by Art Spiegelman. He wrote his father, Vladek, experience of the Holocaust, and he chose to portray the characters as mice, cats, and pigs. Vladek tells his story, starting in Poland where … Continue reading

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Final Poster Comic – Helena Matheson

For this project, I knew I wanted it to be about my hometown of Seattle. I have been pretty homesick recently and it helped remind me of the things I love about my city. My original idea was to have … Continue reading

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Individual Voices: Helena Matheson

The image I chose was from the graphic novel Dirtbag by Eroyn Franklin. This painting looks like its been done with water  color, which is one of my favorite mediums in art. I think water color is really expressive of … Continue reading

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Invisible Emotion: Helena Matheson

I was very interested by the Golden Legend from the 1400s and its use of line quality, as it was quite different from most modern art. The image I chose was a depiction of Saint Stephen being persecuted against by … Continue reading

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Closure & Time Frames: Helena Matheson

The book that I chose is Babymouse: Queen of the World, by Jennifer & Matthew Holm. I chose this book because it was one of my favorite books as a kid and its aesthetic (pink everything) really matches mine. I … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comics Collage: Helena Matheson

I really like the way that my Digital Comic Collage turned out. I feel that I had a vision for how I wanted it to look and feel and I think that I achieved my goals. One thing that stuck … Continue reading

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Elements and Principles: Helena Matheson

Many elements of John Lovett’s design overview are clearly demonstrated in Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics. The element that stuck out to me the most is shape. On pages 132-133, McCloud employs many different shapes which create a story and emphasis. … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Helena Matheson

  I am really excited for the freedom we get in this project. I think the concept of bringing physical items you would never think of digitally leaves lots of space for creativity, and I think there are a lot … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Helena Matheson

I had a fun time creating these comics. I have always been very into art and this helped me dive back into it. Making each of these comics was a very different process. For my paper comic, I had to … Continue reading

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