Final Web Comic: Helena Matheson

I really like how my final project has turned out. I think that it being on a website with scrolling made it very interactive and made it seem like she was actually falling. I also thought using a cloud background made it seem even more like she was falling through the sky. One limitation I have noticed is that when viewing it on the phone, the background picture cuts off after one and a half images, which is frustrating. It takes up the whole page when viewed on a computer. I think it is pretty simple and intuitive how to go through this comic, as you simply scroll down like you do on most websites. I think that Scott McCloud would really enjoy my use of closure and movement in these images, and I really feel that I did a good job working that into each of my images, along with the sense of movement when scrolling down the page.

Fallin by Helena

For this assignment, I used Illustrator. I felt that it had all the tools I would need to draw this comic, and it turned out well in my opinion. To put my comic online, I made a Wix website. I have used Wix in the past and it was pretty easy to format it the way I wanted. One thing I always like about Wix is the way it displays backgrounds. To transfer my files from Illustrator, I exported the images as JPEG’s to a folder and saved each artboard individually. I then placed them in the correct order vertically on my webpage. This project taught me more about artboards. In the past, I would just have several different pages open all for one project, which became difficult. Using artboards allowed me to see everything for my project on one page.

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