Closure & Time Frames: Helena Matheson

The book that I chose is Babymouse: Queen of the World, by Jennifer & Matthew Holm. I chose this book because it was one of my favorite books as a kid and its aesthetic (pink everything) really matches mine. I remembered there being vivid transitions and time frames and thought it would be perfect for this project.

Babymouse: Queen of the World pg. 48-49

One example of closure I found was on pages 48-49. I felt this exemplified the scene-to-scene transition. On page 48, you see Babymouse in space in a space ship, trying to locate an invitation to another girl(cat)’s sleepover. Toward the bottom of the page, an alarm begins to ring, pulling Babymouse out of her daydream and back into the school hallway on page 49. She moves from space back into the real life, creating a scene-to-scene transition. I also think that there is aspect-to-aspect transitions occurring simultaneously, as all of the image of the bell ringing in the space ship is happening at the same time that the bell is ringing in the school scene.

Babymouse: Queen of the World pg. 68-69

One time frame I felt took serious reader participation was on pages 68-69. This scene shows Babymouse trying to open a bottle of nail polish. The bottle is stuck so she rips it open and it splatters all over the girl(cat)’s fur. I think this is an important scene because it has one image on page 68 spreading into another image on page 69 and continuing the scene. The reader must interpret that this is still in the same scene and not change mindsets. I’d say this is an example of a subject-to-subject transition, as it stays within a specific scene or idea.

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