Closure and Time Frames: Jake Bailey

The graphic novel I choose was Volume 1 of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes”. I mainly choose this book as during our library visit a few weeks ago, I was given a different volume to read in class by Lorena O’English and thought it was interesting so I found the other volumes in the library.

As far as my example of closure it is a similar example to what Scoot McCloud uses in his book. Its an subject to subject scene where it looks like 2 men are arguing and then suddenly one man looks like he is cowering following what looks like a blood splatter on the next page. It changes subject and leaves the reader to interpret what has happened as it switches from the subject of the man cowering to just the gargoyle he had and a splatter of blood.

The example I used for time frames is this one seen on page 46. Its where the character goes about moving around his house in search of something, get startled by a cat and using a candle to guide him in the darkness. This is an example of time frames as it shows a bunch of screenshots in time strung together to create movement. The viewer participation is found in the idea that you can tell he is searching for something and its up to reading to try and figure out what that is, something probably not good based on his last expression.

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