Closure and Time Frames: Keanna Maki

Passing For Human (14)

The graphic novel I chose to read is called “Passing For Human” by author Liana Finck. What attracted me to this novel was the cover of it. I like the illustrations it portrayed. I also skimmed the novel and enjoyed the aesthetics with how the whole comic was drawn too. One interesting example of closure that I found in the graphic novel I chose included a mix between moment-to-moment and action-to-action. This is because as you can see in the piece from the novel that I have attached, the scenes in each frame are of an image that goes from one moment to the other. It is like watching a film where the frame continues on without changing context. In this case, it is like the reader is watching a film in comical form. We see that a woman appears as if she is heading home, enters the home, heads towards a table, and then sits at the table. Like I said, one scene after the other. I would also say that it has a mix of action-to-action because she seems to be in a hurry so we see that she is, what it appears to be speed walking back home, to then find herself in a mood to draw. We see this one action of heading home led the women to then start drawing right after.

Passing For Human (10)

An example of a time frame from my graphic novel would be shown by the following scan that shows a woman running through empty space. This an interesting page because we see these illustrations different from what a normal comics look like. For instance, at the very top, we see this woman that appears to be walking, then we see in the next frame below, she appears to be surrounded by darkness as if she is jogging into a bad place, and then in the final time frame, we see that she has completely been consumed by the darkness and is running in it. If we step back, we notice there is no actual frame that surrounds her each move, just empty space, but we can see how time keeps on going by the woman’s shift into darkness and how she appears to be walking closer to the end of the page, from top to bottom.

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