Final Digital Comics Collage: Helena Matheson

I really like the way that my Digital Comic Collage turned out. I feel that I had a vision for how I wanted it to look and feel and I think that I achieved my goals. One thing that stuck out to me as a challenge was placing my items in a deliberate sequence. I wanted my collage to look similar to a “What’s In My Bag” spread from Fashion Magazine, and so it was difficult to arrange in a sequence. I eventually worked with moving my items around enough that it now feels more deliberate.

My items that I chose to work with hold a lot of meaning to me personally, but could mean nothing to others who view it and I find that really interesting to think about. All of the items included have in some way been given to me by people that I love. Some of my favorite items I included were the tiny snippets of letters that I have been given by friends and family. My favorite one is one from my grandma, where she calls me the light of her life. I am really close with my grandma so that little quote means a lot to me. Another item is a locket that my boyfriend gave to me with pictures of us inside. This was probably the hardest one to remove from its background but I think the final look ended up looking really cool and advanced. I liked linking my items with the quotes to bring more emphasis to them and provide more meaning. Another one of my favorite items was my yellow hair scarf my mom got for me. I think that when I scanned it while it was wrinkled and folded on itself, it created a really interesting texture and looks like you could feel it through the screen.

My Digital Comic Collage

I have experience with Photoshop, but I believe that this project really strengthened my skills and provided me with more knowledge to move forward with. The tutorials really helped show me all of the different things you can do on Photoshop and opened my eyes to new possibilities. The tool I used the most was probably the quick selection tool, which after I became accustomed to, became very versatile and helpful. I enjoy composing in a digital environment, but can be frustrating when you don’t know which commands to do or how to fix something that occurred.

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