Final Digital Comics Collage: Emily Bartholomew

This is my final comic

I decided to create my Final Digital Comic collage about things that you would find in a college students backpack. I created this collage like this because I thought it would be the easiest thing for people in the class to understand and relate too. Even though the majority of us are organized and have our stuff together there are times in the school years where we lose track of things and get a little unorganized with our stuff. Whether it in our room or in our backpacks. I wanted to add a lot of different types of textures into the collage with the crumbled-up piece of paper and the texture of the WSU scrunchies. I thought if I added texture to the collage it would add more of a realistic feeling for the reader by looking at the wrinkles in the fabric, you could somewhat imagine the texture of the scrunchie.

When I got back to my room, I decided that I should change it up and pick other things for the collage. But the one thing that I really want to add into the collage are items that have different types of textures. It could be from a hair scrunchie, edge of a quarter, to a crinkled piece of homework. Then when I got to the CDCS, I just started pulling out random things that was in my backpack and started to scan it. I was going to scan my water bottle in the scanner, but I had a hard time scanning it without letting int roll off the scanner and having a weird and blurry look to it. I tried it multiple times, but it ended up not turning out the way I wanted it to. So instead of that I took the scrunchie that I scanned before and put it on my collage in the places where my water bottle would have been.

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