Print Versus Digital Comic: Helena Matheson

I created this comic during the first week of school and finished it on 8/22/19.

I had a fun time creating these comics. I have always been very into art and this helped me dive back into it. Making each of these comics was a very different process. For my paper comic, I had to go back to the basics with pen and paper and freehand it all. Since I no longer own any colored pencils, crayons, or markers, I had to borrow a friends markers. These colors were quite basic so I felt limited in how I could make my comic visually appealing. I still enjoyed the simplicity and the ease of drawing by hand.

I finished this digital comic on 9/27/19 and enjoyed being able to use Illustrator again.

When I was working on the digital comic, I felt like I had a lot more freedom and opportunities to make my comic pop. I started out with just a single square comic, but I felt like it lacked movement and much narrative that McCloud emphasized. I decided to add two more squares onto it, based off the second two squares in my original comic. I actually enjoyed creating these two squares most because they had the most detail and I was able to make it look just the way I had envisioned. One drawback I found were being limited to drawing through my touchpad. I didn’t feel that my hand was very steady and I didn’t have much room to design so it became a little frustrating. I also found it taking far longer to digitally create my comic, and I hope that through this class I can become quicker and more adept with Illustrator.

I personally think paper and digital comics read the same. I haven’t found there to be much of a difference yet, other than the design options, but I also am not an avid comic reader, so I have little experience with either medium.

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