Print or Digital Comics : Tom McLean

My hand-drawn comic August 29, 2019

With the argument for hand drawn comics or digital comics, personally I side with creating comics digitally. I feel like having the ability to easily correct your mistakes and improve upon them is important in the creative process in comic creation. Hand-written comics can sometimes be hard to read or understand if the author’s handwriting is not the best and that can really take away from the goal of that comic. With digital comics, you are given the chance to format everything down to the pixel so that your comic can be interpreted by many more people. The other thing with hand written comics is that they can sometimes limit someone in the tools that they can use. With software, you can update it to the standard of the present day and can be a easier space to get into rather than a physical one.

The major benefits of using digital comics to me is the fact that it can be heavily modified to fit the authors creative ideas. Just having the ability to get your ideas down wherever you are and to have the ability to modify your work past the point of doing it in a physical sense, it is the absolute best way at expressing yourself creatively. After reading the first chapter of “Understanding Comics” the main takeaway that I thought of the chapter was that you can be creative in many ways of creating comics. If you follow some basic guidelines then you can create something that is significant to you and your target audience. Comics come in many shapes and sizes, comics can be anything an they are a community that thrives on new people experiencing these things for the first time. So I firmly believe that you should be creative in whatever space is most comfortable to you, either being on print or digital.

My digital comic August 29, 2019

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