Print Versus Digital Comic: Ivy Padayao


While creating each of these comics, I was able to share my story in a unique way. Before this class, I had never created or even read a comic book before. I was always confused as to where I was supposed to be reading and when. While creating the digital comic, I was able to understand that the way the author places each thing has a meaning. The placement is supposed to help the reader’s eye move across the screen in a simple way.

Hand drawn comic

There are definitely benefits and drawbacks of creating comics by hand and digitally. I have never been the best artist, so creating the hand-drawn comic was a little challenging for me in the artistic aspect. However, what I liked about creating the comic by hand was that I felt I had more control with the layout and spacing. With creating the comic digitally, It was less of a struggle artistically, and more of a problem with spacing. I had to find a way to configure all the different shapes and text to be able to fit in this “box” that I was limited to digitally.

Similarly, while reading comics on paper versus digitally, you are able to feel a more artistic feel to the one paper compared to the digitally made one. Like I said earlier in my post, I have never created a comic let alone read one before this class. Reading Scott McCloud’s book “Understanding Comics”, with the ideology of a textbook in the form of a comic was really interesting to me. After reading the first chapter in his book I felt I could be a little more out of the box with my ideas as a designer and not feel limited to me pre-misconceptions of what I thought comics were.

Digital Comic



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