Print Vs Digital Comic: Jake Bailey

Hand Drawn Comic detailing my background
Digital Comic detailing an all about me

To start, I would say without a doubt that for me making digital comics is a lot harder than making print comics. I have very little experience doing digital comics using stuff like Photoshop or illustrator. Also, being a chem major, I haven’t done any sort of online creative projects since the days of High School Spanish projects. In comparison though, I have always been doodling or sketching in notebooks so making comics with a prompt wasn’t too hard at all. While my drawing skills aren’t the best, they are still good enough to portray pretty well what I am visualizing in my mind. I feel digital is also harder because with print you are only restricted by what you physically have never seen before but with digital you are restricted also by whatever your program can and cannot do. The difference to me in reading a comic on paper than online is that to me the comic on paper always feels more real than online. The artist physically thought and drew every line to make it but online sometimes the software is making it look nice and unique and while that, which is still good, just doesn’t feel more real. In terms, I do think the first chapter of Scott McCloud did help me in a small way because it did show me more of what comics are because I definitely am a person whose only influence is the Sunday and Superhero comics and stories. Now I can see they don’t always have to be the classic panels and stories but can essentially be whatever you want.

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