Physical to Virtual: Libby Fletcher

I took this scan of college rule notebook paper.

Last week, I brought a piece of notebook paper and a pack of gum to scan in the CDSC.  These sound like pretty random items but I am thinking about doing my collage comic from the perspective of a college student.  Now that I know more about scanning and resolution, I am definitely considering bringing different types of packaging to show the college experience through different food items as well as more traditional school gear like textbooks, a CougarCard (if it will scan well), a notebook, etc.  Alongside those items, I want to digitize items such as Advil boxes, the average football temporary tattoos, and packaging from alcoholic beverages.

I took this scan of a pack of Extra gum.

As of now, I am wanting to create a comic that compares and contrasts the weekdays and the weekends for the widely accepted stereotypical college student.  I think it will be an interesting project because college students are always told, from my experience, to learn the balance between getting good grades and maintaining a solid social life which I hope to portray. I am planning on splitting the page in half and having half of the page be referencing the school work on weekdays and the extracurriculars on the opposite.  To create contrast, I hope to make my weekday side much brighter to display the day time, while having a dark background for the weekend side to symbolize the night.  I am going to make the weekday side more uniform and organized to display the routine of an average school week, however, on the weekend side, I want to make things more hectic and exciting, including aspects of going out to football games/tailgating and partying as well.  I believe the contrast in these items will make for a very intriguing comic.

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