Physical to Virtual: Tom McLean

Hearthstone Coin – Scanned 9/10/2019

During the first day at the CDSC, I had only brought one item to scan that day. That item is the first picture in this blog post. I felt compelled to digitize this item because it carries a lot of meaning with it to me. To describe the item, its name is called “The Coin” in the virtual card game called Hearthstone. I have put hundreds of hours into this game and all have been for the best. I have been carrying this coin in my wallet for 4 years now, the coin was originally a gift from my friend during my freshman year at WSU.

Tespa lanyard – Scanned 9/10/2019

The next image is one from my lanyard that I carry around every day and I have used this same one since Freshman year. This is an important to me because it shows the club I am apart of on campus, The WSU Gaming Club. After scanning these two pieces, I think I will need to scan something that will be a good background for my comics collage. These are good things to include because of what they represent to me, but a good pattern will be needed to use as a setting in my comic collage. I also learned that lighting is extremely important when scanning anything, it being a large 3-D object or a flat 2-D one.

I want the look of my overall collage to be a simple background, with it becoming more complex towards the middle. I think it will be interesting to try and find something that is complex enough to use in the physical world and transfer it to the digital one. I was thinking of adding some sort of design from a shirt or a poster that I have around my apartment. Overall I think that the most important thing to do in this project is to make sure that my scans are at a good resolution and pixel density.

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