Physical to Virtual: Ivy Padayao

For the first scanning day I brought a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, a piece of blue fabric, a white mesh bag, and a pink piece of silicone. I’m thinking for my final collage I want to have a lot of different textures within the piece with probably quite a bit of different sayings or drawings from books and old papers I have lying around.

Excerpt from “The Secret” page 16 by Rhonda Byrne

Having a lot of texture within a collage is what makes it interesting to me as a viewer, and I want to try to recreate this within my design. Having something to look at and being able to actually visualize it in more way than one way is key to a good design. I also think scanning different sayings and quotes from books will help add another aspect of connectedness between me and my viewers. The following is a quote from “The Secret” that I particularly liked and thought it might fit well into this project for the digital collage.

For my second scan I chose a fabric that I might not particularly use within the final project, but wanted to just test out how a piece of flat fabric compared to scrunched up fabric might look on the scanner. I liked how the design was clearly shown and how you can clearly see the texture. However, for my final project I think using a textured fabric scrunched up might give it a better flow with the design layout I have thought up.

Piece of cheetah print fabric

As you can see, the fabric is interesting for the viewer, but just might not flow well with different quotes from the book I’ve chosen. I might do a plain fabric with no design but with a lot of interesting textures and find a way to layer it well in Photoshop.

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