Physical to Virtual: Isaiah Wilkerson

The material that I brought to the CDSC for our first scanning was my sketchbook. However, instead of using just by sketchbook to use for my scanning, I was going to use my drawings that I’ve drawn for the past month. It was kind of last minute, however I wanted to show my growth as an artist and show what I can do as of now with my drawings for my first project. I decided not to do this because I did something similar to this in my COM 210 class last semester and I wanted to think of something more unique.

Physical to Virtual

Scanned photo of my Naruto Wallet 

Even though I do not know what materials I want to include for my Digital Collage, I do have a good idea of what theme I want to do for my collage. The object that I scanned for this project was my wallet. The theme of my wallet is so far my favorite anime and besides the show, The Boondocks, it inspires my art designs. It came out very clean with good quality but I wasn’t able to using the document tables and I had to use the glossy settings instead so I’m pretty sure it could’ve been better quality than it was.

Some other objects I could use for my collage is my Naruto pajama pants and scan them for the designs. I could also scan some of my Naruto drawings and maybe use other projects I’ve done related to my favorite anime show.

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