Physical to Virtual: Joseph Alonso

Scanned by Joseph Alonso, September 2019

The first image is of a piece of duct tape.  I would want to use this image as a texture to convey a makeshift feel, possibly alongside a wooden or metal texture as I have always had an appreciation for anything that people just cobble together.  One of my favorite things about the Dead Rising series of games after the first one is the combo weapons.  They were usually just two things duct-taped together, such as the paddlesaw which is two chainsaws duct-taped to the ends of an oar.  Another example of things just being held together by duct tape that I liked was in the icanhascheezburger website, under “There I Fixed It.”  People would post some DIY replacements or repair jobs for things like instead of someone using a laptop fan pad, they would duct-tape a desk fan underneath their laptop.  Sometimes I look at these “repairs” and think it funny just how they reasonably should not work, yet do.

Scanned by Joseph Alonso, September 2019

The second image is of the chain on a Chain Chomp plushie.  I would use this in my comic collage for either the oxymoronic existence of a fluffy chain or for what the chain is attached to.  I am a big fan of video games, and one of my favorite Mario characters is the chain chomp due to their dog-like behavior.  The first time they have been playable was in Mario Tennis Aces which had me wondering why they haven’t been playable sooner.  There was a time where one was conceptualized as a Paper Mario partner, but the concept was scrapped.  The Chain Chomp plushie was a Christmas gift that I have kept with me for about a year now.  I like to keep it by my desk lamp and pretend that that is where it’s chained to.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to own a Chain Chomp as a pet.  Then again, upkeep could be a nightmare considering that its a sentient iron ball that will bite anything that moves.

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