Physical to Virtual: Bobby Brown

Sticker Scan

The scan of my stickers I took at the CDSC.

When we went to the CDSC for our class last week, I brought two stickers from a brewery I’ve been to in Spokane. I ended up not having time in class to scan my objects, so I decided to wait until Monday of this week to scan them. Now that I had my stickers scanned, I found that I wanted something with more detail than just a printing on vinyl paper.

I attempted to return to the CDSC to scan my Zine that I created, but I was unable to do that since the CDSC is booked solid until Friday morning. I have a printer/scanner combo here at the apartment where I live, but it doesn’t work very well compared to those available in the CDSC. I’ve included my scan of my zine, but I would like to return to campus later in the week to scan it again, this time with more detail.

Zine Scan

The scan of my Zine from home.

I believe the texture of my hand-colored Zine will give more interesting details to look at in my collage once it’s scanned, but I also want to find something that has more going on in the subject than just a plain piece of paper with some color pencil on it. I’m not sure exactly what that will be yet, but I intend to look around my apartment and campus tomorrow for interesting materials that will work well in it!

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