Physical To Virtual: Grace Kannberg

For our first day of scanning at the CDSC, I brought a plastic bag I got in Paris, a hair tie, and the top part of my AirPosds case. I thought that all of these items had unique textures and qualities to them. The plastic bag was decretive and shiny, the hair tie was solid and firm, and the Airpods case was squishy and bumpy from the design that it has.

After learning more about scanning and resolution, I decided to try and scan fabric and a candy wrapper. I chose the fabric because it has a larger surface area and I wanted to see how well I could get the texture from the physical item to show up in the virtual photo. It would be interesting to use fabric in my digital comic collage because it has a lot of different textures in it. Moreover, I chose the candy wrapper because it is shiny and is a much smaller size than the fabric. I want to see how much of the shiny part of the wrapper would transfer over into a virtual photo.


Red and Black Flannel Photo Created by: Grace Kannberg September 11, 2019

When I chose to scan the fabric from my dark flannel, I was curious as to how the color and texture would turn up on the computer. In class, we scanned white fabric with pineapples on it and it showed up bright and the shadows were very dark. After scanning the flannel, I was surprised at how bright the red came up against the black and that you could see the small fuzzes from the material the fabric was made out of. Also, I scanned it a few different ways until I got the right crunched up, cozy effect, I wanted.



Halloween RiceKrispies Treats Candy Wrapper Photo taken by: Grace Kannbger September 11, 2019

When scanning the candy wrapper, the light playing off the packaging made me want to scan more items with the same reflective surface. I think that it would make things around it pop out. You can see the glare from the scan as well as the texture it held from where I opened it. The flattened made it look more characteristic and showed detention from the fold it created. Overall, I was pleased with the virtual photo and want to play with this more in the future.


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