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Graphic Novel Review: Grace Kannberg

For the month of October, I chose to read the book-length comic, Beautiful Creatures: The Monga. This book stuck out to me the most because of the plot and storyline. It follows the life of a boy named Ethan living … Continue reading

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Final Poster Comic: Grace Kannberg

For this project, I was asked to employ inventive layout and design strategies to communicate the passing of time. By doing this, I got a better understanding for comics and what goes into making one. When creating my comic, I … Continue reading

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Individual Voices: Grace Kannberg

When visiting the WSU Art Museum Study Collection, I found that I was inspired by many of the artists. One artist In particular stuck out to me the most because of their drawing style and the story that they were … Continue reading

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Invisible Emotion: Grace Kannberg

After reading Living of Line from. Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, I learned how lines can be used to show so many different things. Sound, emotions, weather (cold and hot). In many ways, Lines are used in many different ways to … Continue reading

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Closure and Time Frames: Grace Kannberg

When choosing what graphic novel to use for this project, I was a bit lost. I have never read a graphic novel before and I didn’t know what I would like to read. After looking around I decided to go … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comic Collage: Grace Kannberg

Traveling outside of the country is one of the most rewarding experiences that I got to be a part of after graduating from High School. Two weeks after graduating, I boarded on a plane for a month-long adventure that took … Continue reading

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Design Elements and Principles: Grace Kannberg

Spreads from McCloud’s Understanding Comics are effective in showing Lovett’s element of design in lines, shape, size, and as well as showing Lovett’s principle of design in Gradation. When looking at Lovett’s definition of lines and how they add elements … Continue reading

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Physical To Virtual: Grace Kannberg

For our first day of scanning at the CDSC, I brought a plastic bag I got in Paris, a hair tie, and the top part of my AirPosds case. I thought that all of these items had unique textures and … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Grace Kannberg

A lot can be said about a comic by the demographic the comic is created on. A printed comic, compared to a digital one, allows for a different spectrum of benefits and drawbacks. Textures, tools available, and spectrum of space … Continue reading

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