Individual Voices: Grace Kannberg

When visiting the WSU Art Museum Study Collection, I found that I was inspired by many of the artists. One artist In particular stuck out to me the most because of their drawing style and the story that they were trying to get across to the viewer. Max Clotfelter’s work with Henry and Glenn’s Hybrid Moment follows the story of a man going to an Animal Shelter.

Henry & Glenn’s Hybrid Moment By: Max Clotfelter- Grace Kannberg October, 23 2019

He is looking for a lost dog, but not just any dog, a wolf. The man helping him is first taken aback by this but goes in to show him the dogs that they had to see if he can find the one, he is looking for. The man spots the wolf, but when he does, he is hit with a flat fee of $579.63 for all the charges it took to take the wolf in. The man is mad when he goes to pay the bill and then take the wolf out of the Animal Center. When no is looking, the wolf turns into a man.

Where the voice of the artist comes out is where I am drawn to his work. At first glance, this just seems like a silly story. But when you look at it, the moral of the story comes from the charging fee and the wolf turning into a man. The voice of the artist tells us that the fee represents two things. One is the attack on individuals who go looking for things that are theirs and how we live in a money-hungry society. This is combated by the wolf turning into a man because it goes to show how someone would spend money to help out a friend when they are in a weird situation. Overall, I feel that the artist’s voice reflects society and is used to point out what is wrong with it.

Henry & Glenn’s Hybrid Moment By: Max Clotfelter- This example is used to show line-Grace Kannberg October, 23 2019

I also feel that Clotfelter’s uses concepts we have read from Scott McCleod’s Understanding Comics for the viewer to better understand his individual voice. He does this by using lines, speech bubbles, and closure. The use of visual lines is shown in panel three to represent the sweat bead coming off of the man’s face. It shows how the man is nervous as it drifts between the invisible world of a symbol.

Henry & Glenn’s Hybrid Moment By: Max Clotfelter- This example is used to show speech bubbles-Grace Kannberg October, 23 2019

Clotfelter uses his speech bubbles as a way to convey how words are spoken, the sound. An example of this comes from the seventh panel where the man is shocked by how much he is needing to pay. The bumpy speech bubble suggests that he is appalled. Lastly, closure is used between transitioning from the pound to behind an alleyway. As views, we putt the missing pieces together that they left the store and found a space where no one would see them.

Henry & Glenn’s Hybrid Moment By: Max Clotfelter- This example is used to show closure-Grace Kannberg October, 23 2019

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