Individual Voices: Phuc Tran


Henry and Glenn’s Hybric moment by Max Clotfelter- Grace Kannberg

I believe that comics is a very innovative and creative type of art form. Beside the literal meaning of comics always amuse the readers. it sometimes can be interpreted for a deeper meaning that the artist try to convey and speak through their pieces. The comic appeared in WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center that caught attention is ” Henry and  Glenn’s Hybric Moment” by Max Clotfelter and Grace Kannberg

For the Layout of framing, the part where the main character searching for the right dog by each frame is one dog is very good use of closure of object to object. It guide our eyes as we are the character. He stops at the right dog with the text bubble: ” That’s it” is also a good example of interdependent word/picture combo. This is because only with the image and the text that we knew the dog that he looking for is the dog in the picture and it makes sense that there are no more dog after this frame. In addition, I also think the very last frames where the dog transform little by little and he became human eventually are interesting, this is a closure kind of moment by moment when they demonstrate the transformation as it became very alive.

I believe the artist has something of his voice that he kept very carefully in this comic. For me, what is he trying to say is in the world, there are some people that are very special. And sometimes, they have to become something they are not to blend in the society. In the comic, only the friend can recognize which dog is his friend, this can also mean that only the people in the minority group can tell right away if others are the special ones as all of them live in the same world and resonate with each other.



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