Physical to Virtual: Kristine Zorn

I brought quite a few items to the CDSC some of which included a fabric wallet, an eyeglasses case with a scaly texture, a foldable fan, and a journal with an old paper type of design. I am still not sure what other kinds of items I might want to use in my comics collage. So far I am thinking I might want to scan a few different types of paper such as lined paper or watercolor paper. I think the lined paper could be an interesting way to organized text and watercolor paper often has a rough texture that could be useful. The texture of my eyeglasses case is quite fun and eye-catching so I may use that as well.

The most difficult thing for me was figuring out the math for my different sized items to get the proper resolution. For all of the items I scanned I made sure to use a resolution that would allow the resulting scans to be sized up to nearly the full size of the project. While it is unlikely that I will use any of the scans at that large of a size I find it better to always have more pixels than needed because you never have to worry about losing image quality that way.

A scan of a folding fan from an antique shop -Created by Kristine Zorn September 10, 2019

This is a foldable fan that I scanned. Since it is not an entirely flat object it was a bit difficult to scan. Parts of the scan almost seems blurry but I think that maybe partly due to the way the blending of the design is on the actual fan. I am thinking that if I do intend on using the fan, I will try taking a picture as well to see if I like the results better than the scan.


A scan of my eyeglasses case – Created by Kristine Zorn September 10, 2019

This is the eyeglasses case that I scanned. As seen in the image has an interesting texture with a bit of depth to it. I am not sure how I would use it in the comics collage just yet but I very much would like to find a use for it somehow.

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