Print Versus Digital Comic: Maria Alvarez

hand drawn

Making a comic digitally and making one by hand has been such a challenge for someone who doesn’t know much about adobe photoshop. The hand drawn comic was faster to make because I had the freedom to erase and add whatever I wanted without having to google a tutorial of how to do something. However, making the digital copy was a challenge. I did not know how to do anything, even after looking up tutorials I felt like my work was not good. It took a very long time to complete the digital comic even though it may look like it was a quick sketch. The drawback from a digital copy is that It can take a long time to complete one and vise versa because if you understand adobe photoshop, a digital comic could end up being faster to create than hand drawn. The difference between reading on paper and digitally is that it looks more personal on paper and I feel more connected to the art. I got inspiration with the alarm clock coming to life in the 3rd clip from the textbook because I saw that some objects need movement.

first time comic

The alarm clock feels frustrated because it keeps getting snoozed but as humans, we get annoyed at the alarm clock waking us up every morning. It is meant to see a silly point of a view of an alarm clock.

The hand drawn comic is just a basic comic about some fun facts about me. I am from Olympia, WA and I am a Psychology Major. I do not know how to draw humans so I decided to draw myself as an avocado since its easy to draw. Hopefully I get to learn how to animate humans for some of my comics.

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