Print comic versus Digital comic: Janet Okeago

This image is designed by Janet Okeago from Washington University,Pullman Fall 2019

Making a comic by use of hand was somehow time consuming and it isn’t easy for the reader to understand it clearly because of the handwriting and tiny letters on the other hand, i think the reader would be able to tell the tone use in the conversation since the written words spoken have some signs describing the tone variation and some else thoughts. If someone was to read my work, it would be difficult to understand where to begin the conversation due to the arrangement of the diagram and who starts conversing. Drawing a comic by hand doesn’t look neat at all compared to the digital comic. The lines plus the margin on the paper are clearly showing that these type of comic was hand drawn plus the shading itself . This image shows a little girls telling her grandmother that she is going to play. we can also see the grandfather conversing with the grandmother as they drink tea while listening to the news on the radio.

Digital Comic

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This is Janet okeago digital comic from WSU, Pullman.WA 2019

This is a digital comic i made and its neatly shown on the screen whereby one is able to read and understand what the conversation is all about. We can also see the background is kind of real and its something happening now. The coloring of the digital comic is appealing to the reader and most people would want to read this unlike for the hand drawn, i could strain my eyes the whole day trying to gather what the reader was trying to justify. The image tells the time and location where we are different experiences happening, the characters and the background as well is a great indicator how the events occur in every part.

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