Print Versus Digital Comic: Justin Pardini

Hand Drawn

Being someone who isn’t experienced in making digital drawings or creations in general, this assignment was much easier for me on physical paper. I had just learned how to use Adobe Illustrator a week prior to this assignment, but have been drawing and doodling all my life. I have enjoyed, however, learning about digital creations and can see the benefits behind them. I think the digital comic was more challenging for me in that I am not experienced and have little to know knowledge in that area. It was difficult for me to complete straight lines and include detail in the digital comic, compared to the hand drawn, which allowed me to include more close detail. Although I’m not an artist by any means, I had fun with this assignment and will continue to experiment in both mediums.

Reading a comic on paper, compared to digitally, seems more personal and almost as if more detail was included because of the fact it was hand made. Even if the comic is digitally made, being on paper gives it a personal and physical feel, rather than simply looking on a screen. The first chapter of Understanding Comics definitely gave me a better feel to what digital comics, and comics in general, are like. I’ve never been a fanatic of comics in general, but after reading the chapter, I felt that I had a lot more knowledge in that area than before, which helped me in my creation of the digital comic.

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