Print Versus Digital Comic: Isaiah Wilkerson

(Designed by Isaiah Wilkerson, September 2019)
(Photo by Isaiah Wilkerson, September 2019)

Out of the two comic strips, I prefer doing print comic strips because I feel limited whenever I make comics on my PC due to not having the correct resources I need to make them how I truly want them to look like. I completed my digital comic on Word Document, so I had little editing tools to make my comic as creative as my print comic. Whenever I draw, whether it’s for a grade or not, it never feels like “work” because of how much I enjoy drawing. The only drawback I have with a print comic is that it takes longer to do than the digital comic. I personally like reading comics on print rather than digital because it doesn’t strain my eyes and I can read it without dealing with technical difficulties. After reading chapter 1, I didn’t really have any new ideas for my digital comic. I hope to get the resouces I need to create better digital content in the future!

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