Individual Voices: Maria Alvarez

Comic by Tom Van Deusen (2016)

This comic was one of the first ones I read and it made me laugh. It is by Tom Van Deusen, made in 2016, and he is from Seattle, Wa. I like his work because he draws comics about pricing in Seattle (for housing) which interests me because I understand the struggle of finding cheap housing there. I am also from the Seattle area so I can relate to some of his work. He also touches bases on casual dating and other relatable topics. I thought this comic was really funny because the grandpa gives his talking head to his grandkid as “estate,” and all he does is wake him up when he is trying to sleep. He just bothers him and creeps him out but he has to keep it because it’s his estate. His work makes me want to read more because it is so fun and relatable in a sense. I like also like this comic because I can imagine what the voices sound like which brings out the creativity in me and gives me inspiration for my own comic.

This comic is a good example of closure because we mentally fill in the gaps whenever we read this comic. Like at the beginning of the page when there is just a building (second panel) we can tell someone died and that Bobby is getting some sort of estate. I would say that this comic is additive when it comes to word-image combinations because the words amplify or elaborate on an image or vice versa. I think that with the words or without the words, you can still see the context of the comic. At first, I thought that this was interdependent but I realized that I can still understand the comic without or without the text and vise versa.

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