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Type Anatomy: Miranda Frasier

While I wasn’t present in class the day we went to go look at the manuscripts I made sure I went to the the exhibit that they have set up right now and checked out the other font. The one … Continue reading

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Formstorming and Modularity: Miranda Frasier

After reading through the chapters and watching the Ted Talk by Marian Bantjes I started to have a better understanding of formstorming and modularity. I started to notice it more in other peoples work as well as it inspiring me … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Miranda Frasier

I chose this pattern because I love the use of color and the pattern style! The colors within this pattern has great use of color! For example the red and yellow, red and blue, blue and green, among many other … Continue reading

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Pattern: Miranda Frasier

The quilt that I chose to analyze was one made by Nettie Young in 1971. It is currently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art the pattern being used is called Milky Way. I would describe the pattern as super abstract. … Continue reading

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Texture: Miranda Frasier

The first photo I have chosen to use is a mosaic picture made out of green, ocean blue, and navy blue broken up plates to create an image. The green is vibrant and has a glossy texture. The ocean blue … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane: Miranda Frasier

  I chose this picture that I took because it does a good job at representing point and line. I see the swings as points and there are a lot of lines that follow. For example the cables that the … Continue reading

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