Point, Line, Plane: Miranda Frasier


Photograph by Miranda Frasier

I chose this picture that I took because it does a good job at representing point and line. I see the swings as points and there are a lot of lines that follow. For example the cables that the swings are attached too. The main part of the ride is a thick line with many little lines within it. It all brings your eyes to the middle where all the color is within the flags and the lights on the ride. It makes me curious to see what other rides might be going on. With so much going on in the picture I am glad it’s just the sky as the background.


Photograph by Miranda Frasier












This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken recently and it is really fascinating to see how there is point, line, and plane used in this picture after analyzing it. I knew when taking this picture I would take make sure the sun and a straight line were used, but after looking at is I can see how the sun could be used as a point and how there are more lines just the straight line from the sunset. The sunset is the plane and everything draws you to the sun. Even the sun unintentionally created a glare of lines which was cool.

Photograph by Miranda Frasier

This last picture I chose to use I intentionally created a line for the picture by stacking rocks in a line straight up and down. I made it the focal point of the picture with a ton of other lines around it. You can see in the background that there are more lines like the trees. It all kind of blends which I really like. It was cool too see how the plane looked in the background with a heavy amount of lines going up and down.

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