Technological Artifact: Seth Muck

Technological Artifacts represent where we’ve come from, and can capture our world in a single object. One such artifact is the soundtrack from the blockbuster hit, Shrek (2001). Behind the scenes of the physical CD, lies a movie that was a big part of mine, and our collective generations, childhood. When searching for an artifact that meant something to me, I couldn’t quite find anything. Frustrated and defeated, I gave up. I was cleaning out my car, emptying out mcchicken wrappers, crunchwrap supreme papers, and the skeletal remains of coconut LaCroix, when I stumbled upon a hard plastic square underneath the drivers seat. After some digging, I pulled out the Shrek soundtrack. My frustrations were immediately resolved as I knew in that moment, that this was a representation of my childhood. Shrek has become a cultural icon, and the original has spawned three sequels and a few spin offs.

The open CD of the Shrek Soundtrack (Above). See how the physical CD aligns perfectly with the background ears.

Aside from the content, the CD was something that I found to be interesting. When we think about CD’s, its hard  to imagine them as something of the past. While they are still sold in most retail stores, Its hard to find someone that listens to CD’s regularly. With the invention of the iPod, CD’s began to vanish, and now with the creation of streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, etc.), CD’s are something almost entirely of the past. Nobody walks around with a walkman and a few albums on them, however most people have a few CD’s lying around their cars. In my first car there was no aux cord, only a CD player, and there were only two CD’s that I listened to, Away From the World by Dave Matthews Band, and A Love Supreme by John Coltrane. Both of these albums have very specific memories attached to them. They remind me of high school and a simpler time. The Shrek soundtrack however, reminds me of my childhood, and being a kid again. This specific CD was very special to me. I remember seeing Shrek in theaters, and later, getting that very CD as a gift.

The MAL in Boulder demonstrates how technology has progressed and aims to preserve older technology. I think it also helps us understand how meaningful a piece of technology can be to society. It’s beautiful how a piece of technology can mean so much to a person. In the mainstream media, people look down on technology, and often times try to revert back to a time where technology was not as advanced. I believe that certain aspects of technological advancement can be wonderful, and looking back, the Shrek soundtrack represents much of my childhood


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