Technological Artifact: Emily Burns


This clock was my first alarm clock I had as a child. (Star Wise, Hello Kitty Again, 2016)

Watches have been a trend for almost a century. As a kid, my parents and grandparents always were wearing one around their wrists. However, I have noticed many people in my generation do not wear watches up until recently. Before the apple watch, I never wore or even owned a watch because I just used my phone to tell time. This past year I got the apple watch. I chose to use the apple watch as my technological artifact because I feel it strongly depicts the technology my generation has become accustom to. The apple watch just shows how something as simple as a watch has been digitalized and is an extension of a cell phone. Throughout my childhood most all the clocks I grew up were digital. My first clock I owned was a digital hello kitty alarm clock. I know how to read a basic clock however, it takes me a second to process the time. I’ve noticed this is not uncommon for people in our generation. With the apple watch, everything is digital. This watch has all the aspects my generation has been accustom to over the years. The apple

This is my Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular that I recently purchased (Photo by Emily Burns, August 2018).

watch I have is cellular which means it works as a phone, receives messages, calls and other notifications. Ever since middle school, I have always had my cell phone on me when leaving my house. I feel like that is very common for our generation now. The apple watch is now an extension of this. My generation has grown up in the digital world and it has become a part of our everyday lives. The apple watch has made it so no matter what you are doing, you are still connected digitally. One aspect that drove me to purchase the apple watch is how it monitors your workouts. This watch tracks your workouts and analyzes how many calories you burn in a workout. Along with this, it also monitors your heart rate. Many people argue that millennials have become less active due to the digital era. This watch helps people become more conscious of how active they are in a day. While many people might argue that the digital world we live in has become detrimental to society, it is the world we live in now and the apple watch has made strives to use digital technology in a productive manner.







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