Point, Line, Plane: Peyton Taffe

LS9 Soundboard. Photographed by Peyton Taffe at the CUB senior ball room.

Points are used in design to mark a point in space and can either be very significant or hold little to no importance, depending on the design. To demonstrate point, I chose to take a picture of the one of the soundboards I use at work. Because the soundboard is digital, all of the controls are featured in circles or points on the screen. Each of the points marks a position in space that controls a different aspect of the board. Each point is also the same color as the other points that form a relationship. For example, all of the points that control EQ, or mix, are colored with a light blue and are in close proximity of each other.




Vanessa’ Soundboard. Photographed by Peyton at CUB Butch’s Den

Lines are used to show connection or a movement between two points. In this next picture, lines are demonstrated through a series of points on an analog soundboard. Each line of knobs on the soundboard represents a different EQ for different channels. The lines are all made up of the same dots so that one can EQ each channel in the same way. Along with the columns of knobs, there are white lines that go along each column to show which knows control which channel. These white lines are high in contrast compared to the dark background of the board and also stand apart well from the colors of the knobs. These lines are very significant as they dictate two different types of EQ and that separation is vital for someone who is using the board; it shows the relationship between which knobs belong together.


Datsik at the Knitting Factory. Taken by Peyton Taffe.

Different planes can be seen in this photo of the DJ Datsik. His stage setup was a build of over 200 LED screens and each of these screens could be seen as a plane, as they each are large flat surfaces have distinct outlines behind them. The planes also show dimensions as some of them are angled back in the photo. These LED screens could also be seen as points as during the concert, there were different images displayed on them. The lights extending up above the stage could also be seen as lines as they show the path of moving lines.

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