Point, Line, Plane – Hannah Talarico

Flight to Seattle. Taken by Hannah Talarico

This photo represents point, line, plane, scale and volume. This phot was taken on my flight from Spokane, WA to Seattle WA. It was an early Sunday morning and the sun had just raised. The photo is broken down into the rule of thirds but has a higher volume on the right side of the photograph, with the scale of the mountain. The photo has a focal point of the mountain, and creates a line, and a frame around the mountain. The point of the photo is also found by the clarity of the mountain.

Palm Canyon. By Hannah Talarico

This photo was taken in Palm Springs California at Palm Canyon. This photo represents scale, volume and the rule of thirds. If you evaluate the photo closely you can see that the focal point is on my father, because it is focused in and the surrounding area is slightly blurred. The photo is divided by the dirt, and the sky which gives the photo lines to divide it, and scale. The volume of the photo is also focused on the bottom area of the rock. It takes up a majority of the photo, and can over take the photo as well.



Orange tree. By Hannah Talarico

This photo was also taken at my home in Palm Springs California. Although It does not only have a focal point, it represents balance, volume, scale, and point line. This is an image of a brick wall, and an orange tree that is pushed up against the home. The contrast in color brings out the distinct line that cuts the photo in half. It also has a focal point of the center of the photo. Due to the distinct color change, it draws your eye to the center of the photo to try and force yourself to see the different in texture.



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